About Us

ABC Cutting Contractors, Inc. has been providing high quality concrete cutting service to customers for over a quarter of a century. We are a business built by family. Gary Hill and Mark Hege started a branch of ABC Cutting Contractors in Columbus, Indiana. Mark and his father-in-law Gary brought on Bill Runion and moved the company to Indianapolis in 1988. Moving the business to Indianapolis brought on new customers and new employees to help serve the state of Indiana. ABC Cutting has started the process of transitioning a third generation of family members into ownership positions within the company. Cody Hege and Drew Runion plan to continue the strong lineage of ABC Cutting for years to come.

At ABC Cutting Contractors, Inc. we maintain a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who provide superior workmanship. Our team is committed to growing our education and training. ABC Cutting Contractors sets exceptionally high safety standards. We have an outstanding record of job safety and attention to detail that keeps our job sites injury-free. ABC Cutting Contractors offers convenient, reliable and flexible service. We are a family owned and operated business, so we treat our customers and team members like one of our own.

ABC Cutting