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You need concrete cutting solutions. With over 700 years of combined experience on staff, our team of cutting professionals will deliver fast and accurate, safety-first results.

ABC Cutting offers these comprehensive concrete cutting services throughout Indiana and the surrounding states. No project is too large, too small or too complex.


Diesel Slab Sawing

Power and Versatility
Our diesel slab saws, ranging up to 120 horsepower, provide clean, quick cuts from ¼” to 30” deep. Ideal for bridge decks, control joints, road patches, decorative cuts, and more.

Joint Sealing

Efficient and Precise 
With a streamlined process, ABC Cutting can efficiently widen and prepare new and existing concrete slabs for joint sealant. ABC Cutting installs a vast array of joint sealants in nearly all applications. ABC primarily installs Crafco 221, DOW 890 and DOW 888 products to protect and extend the life of concrete slabs.

Wall Sawing

Precise and Powerful
Our fleet of 480 Volt wall saws offers precise cuts in brick, block, and concrete. Lightweight and portable with dust- and vibration-free operation, they access hard-to-reach areas and cut up to 36” deep.

Wire Sawing

Versatile and Efficient
Ideal for cutting thick reinforced concrete, our diamond wire saw service offers fast, clean cutting in limited-access areas. Suitable for non-destructive operations in various massive structures, this highly efficient system adapts to any length, depth, or configuration.

Core Drilling

The Ultimate Adaptor
This lightweight, compact core drill efficiently cuts brick, block, concrete, and steel. Offering a wide variety of bits for 1”-72” diameter holes, it’s perfect for precise, smooth holes in tight or remote locations.

ABC Cutting also has two ultimate drilling machines, which allow for us to core drill up to 24″ diameter holes in concrete or asphalt slabs without the need to set anchors.

Horizontal Curb Sawing

Commercial and Residential
Perfect for concrete bridge walls, ABC’s fleet of horizontal curb saws safely and efficiently saw walls up to 24″ thick. Curb saws are also ideal for residential entry curbs in new or existing neighborhoods/business buildings. Our saws have the ability to neatly saw both angle cuts and tapers to prevent sharp or leading edges.

Diamond Grooving

Traction and Safety
Diamond grooving creates shallow channels on large, flat surfaces of asphalt and concrete, improving drainage and traction. Ideal for bridge decks, roadways, runways, factories, airports, warehouses, loading docks, inclines, and ramps — efficiently boosts surface safety.

Hand Sawing

Precision in Limited Space
Our hand saw excels in hard-to-reach areas, efficiently and safely cutting concrete, block, and brick up to 10” deep. Ideal for creating window, door, and mechanical openings.

Early Entry Sawing

Controlled Cuts
Streamlined service for reliable results and lasting concrete integrity. Skilled professionals cut newly poured concrete before it hardens, minimizing uncontrolled cracking and ensuring precise surface appearance. Clean, accurate cuts for decorative designs, control joints, and structural elements.

Electric Slab Sawing

Safety and Efficiency
Quiet, lightweight, dust-free, and low-vibration, our 10-50 horsepower electric slab saws are perfect for limited space and sensitive environments. They cut up to 24” deep with 480-volt, 3-phase power.

Chain Sawing

Perfect Square Cuts
Where circular blades fall short, the chain saw offers unmatched accuracy. Capable of precise, square-cut corners and small brick, block, and concrete openings. The chain saw is also ideal for slab on grade areas where overcuts are not allowed.


Damage Free Scanning
ABC Cutting has the capability to scan concrete walls and floors to locate buried impediments including rebar, tendons, voids, metal and plastic conduits.

Diamond Grinding

Smoother Surfaces
Enjoy improved safety and a polished appearance. Utilizing a diamond disk to remove bumps and imperfections from floors, ABC’s diamond grinding service ensures cleanliness and level surfaces for enhanced skid resistance. 

BROKK Demolition

Unmatched Demolition
Complex jobs pose little challenge to the BROKK 180. This powerful and adaptable demolition robot offers effortless, emissions-free operation. Ideal for sensitive environments, it digs trenches up to 6’ deep, breaks up large areas of concrete, and easily maneuvers with 360-degree rotation and stair-climbing capabilities.


Enhanced Surface Prep
Expertly prepared floors with a seamless and professional finish. Our scarifying surface effectively removes and reduces small bumps and materials on concrete floors, creating smooth surfaces ideal for coating and other applications.

Loop Sawing

Flawless Circles
Our loop sawing service creates perfect 6’ diameter circles, cutting 2”-5” deep in concrete or asphalt for traffic detector loops. Paired with the diesel slab saw, it will handle all aspects of traffic loop projects.

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