ABC Cutting Contractors offers comprehensive concrete cutting services for clients throughout Indiana, including:

Flat Sawing

Diesel Slab Sawing
The diesel slab saws are the workhorses of the cutting industry. Our saws range up to 120 horsepower, enable us to cleanly and quickly cut from ¼” to 30” deep. These saws can also be used in a variety of applications including bridge decks, control joints, road patches, decorative cuts and more.

Electric Slab Sawing
The electric slab saw is quiet, lightweight, dust-free and has almost no vibration. It is ideal for jobs where carbon monoxide may be dangerous to those in the area or where space is limited. These 10 to 50 horsepower saws run on 480 volt, 3 phase power and cutting up to 24” deep.

Core Drilling

The core drill is the most versatile tool ABC Cutting Contractors, Inc. has to offer. This drill has the ability to cut brick, block, concrete and steel. We use a wide range of drill bits to cut holes from 1” to 72” in diameter. The drill is perfect for accurately cutting smooth, round holes in tight, awkward or remote locations because it is lightweight and compact in size.

Wall Sawing

The wall saw is mounted on a track that allows it to cut brick, block and reinforced concrete in long, straight lines. It is used mainly on vertical surfaces and can cut quickly and accurately from any position. These lightweight and portable saws are dustless and vibration free. The wall saw’s diamond blade does not cause structural damage and requires little patching. This saw can be used in areas that are inaccessible to slab saws. The saw cuts up to 36” deep from one side, meaning additional depth can be achieved by sawing structures from both sides.

Wire Sawing

The diamond wire saw is necessary for cutting very thick reinforced concrete. It is also convenient when cutting in areas with limited access. When using diamond beads strung on special aircraft cables separated by springs or plastic, the wire can be wrapped around any length, depth or configuration of reinforced concrete and steel. The wire rotates as the machine pulls the wire through the structure.

Wire sawing provides fast and clean cutting which results in an extremely efficient system. This system allows for non-destructive sawing operations on nuclear plants, bridges, dams, tunnels, plant shutdowns, dock facilities, renovations, expansions or other massive concrete structures.

Hand Sawing

The hand saw efficiently cuts filled or hollow concrete, block and brick. It is second to none when cutting in hard-to-reach areas. The saw has the ability to cut up to 10” deep to create window, door and mechanical openings. It is particularly useful for cutting reinforced structural beams and columns for remodeling.

Chain Sawing

A chain saw is used to create square-cut corners and small openings in brick, block and concrete. It is used where ever cutting is not possible with a circular blade.

Joint Sealing

Sealing joints keeps out debris and assists in maintaining the structural use of the joint. We perform joint sealing with a silicone or hot pour sealant on asphalt or concrete. With the proper installation, the sealant can withstand excessive horizontal and vertical movement. This extends the service life while reducing the stress of the joint.

Specialized Tools

Loop Sawing

The saw cuts circular traffic detector loops. It cuts a perfect 6’ diameter circle and is capable of cutting 2-5” deep in either concrete or asphalt. Coupled with the diesel slab saw, we also have the ability to saw the home runs necessary for any traffic loop project.

Curb Cutting

The horizontal curb cutting saw is used to flush cut curbs or parapet walls. This technique is used for road or bridge widening, or for ramps and driveway approaches


The BROKK 180 is powerful, compact and efficient. The machine is powered by a 480V 3 phase allowing for emission-free use in hospitals, factories and other enclosed areas. The 18” bucket can easily dig trenches up to 6 feet. deep while the hammer offers the ability to efficiently break out massive areas of concrete. The BROKK 180 can rotate 360 degrees and climb stairs. There is no job too complex for the machine.


The concrete burster breaks large blocks of concrete with reinforcing up to 7/8” rebar. It is used where the pieces being removed cannot be cut using regular methods.


The concrete grinder uses a diamond disk to remove bumps or rough spots from floors for cleaning. It can also be used for leveling and skid resistance.


The groover cuts shallow channels on the surface of large, flat areas of asphalt and concrete. These grooves increase drainage and improve tractions. Grooving is used on bridge decks, roadways, runways, factories, airports and warehouses. It can also be used on loading docks, inclines and ramps. Grooving also makes the surface safer.


The scarifier removes and reduces small bumps and materials on concrete floors. This provides a smoother surface for floor coatings.