Safety is our number one priority for all of our employees at all of our job sites. ABC Cutting Contractors, Inc. has an outstanding job safety record with EMR rates routinely under 0.80. We pay the upmost attention to the details that keep our job sites injury-free. Our job sites are healthy, safe and abide by federal, state and local standards. Accident prevention is very import in all phases of operation and administration, and ABC Cutting Contractors follows all OSHA and IOSHA standards, guidelines and regulations. All field personnel hold a minimum of OSHA 10 hour training cards, with many holding OSHA 30 cards. We also have two OSHA 502 trainers on staff.

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All safety concerns and reviews flow through Bill Runion, our Safety Director. Our Safety Committee is comprised of senior filed operators and upper management. They assist in evaluating safety rules and regulations, reviewing incidents and identifying and recommending corrective measures for the program. We provide the highest level of safety training to all of our employees. Our employees are constantly implementing our safety practices and precautions while working on our job sites. All employees are required to report any hazardous or unsafe activities to the appropriate job site officials for correction. ABC Cutting Contractors personnel and job site visitors are expected to comply with all of our safety rules and regulations.

ABC Cutting Contractors, Inc. is committed to our involvement in providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. We stand by our excellent job safety record and strive to be industry leaders in safety performance.