Safety First.

Unwavering Worksite Safety

A proactive approach rests behind every call to safety. At ABC Cutting, we prioritize workplace safety because we care about the well-being of our employees, clients, and site visitors.

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With an exceptional job safety record — EMR rates below 0.9 — nurturing a culture of workplace safety is clearly our top priority.

Through rigorous compliance with federal, state, and local standards, along with OSHA and IOSHA regulations, everyone at ABC enjoys a secure and caring environment.

ABC Cutting is a CCS Certified Partner, which includes passing a yearly safety audit to help ensure our processes are industry leading and safety is constantly front-of-mind. ABC maintains 100% compliance with our drug free workplace program. All employees are tested, at minimum, on a yearly basis and are subject to quarterly random tests.

Expert Leadership for Your Safe Success

Safety Director, Craig Tower, collaborates with our Safety Committee of senior field operators and upper management to thoroughly train all field personnel. Safety first, from top to bottom.

Leadership evaluates safety rules, examines incidents, and enhances the safety program to prevent work stoppages and ensure safety success.

ABC Cutting employees also participate in a bi-annual nationwide Coring and Cutting Group Training class held in Bessemer, Alabama. Operators attend a weeklong training class with is a mix of both classroom and field training that encompasses all aspects of the concrete cutting process. Additionally, operators receive an OSHA 30 card and Advance Operator Training Certification.

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Safety Excellence Elevates Your Project

Our commitment to safety secures your success.

ABC Cutting’s safety process hinges on the continued participation and improvement of all employees who undergo comprehensive training.

Compliance with safety rules is expected of everyone at every worksite, whether personnel or visitor. A safe and healthy work environment means prompt completion of all projects.