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Concrete Cutting, Industry Wide

Sometimes projects jump the rails and go off track — something unexpected happens, and suddenly, everything’s off schedule and at risk of non-compliance with safety standards.

ABC Cutting brings nearly 38 years of concrete cutting safety and excellence to every job. No matter the industry, we prioritize safety above all. When safety comes first, everything else just follows.


DOT / Infrastructure

  • Road, Bridge, and Highway Construction
  • Concrete Cutting and Removal
  • Trenching and Excavating
  • Joint Sealing before trenching and excavating


  • Factory and Plant Demolition
  • Equipment Foundations and Anchoring
  • Concrete Floor and Slab Cutting


  • Retail, Office, and Mixed-Use Spaces
  • Door, Window, and Elevator Shaft Openings
  • Decorative and Architectural Concrete Cutting

Healthcare / Hospital

  • Medical Facility Construction and Renovation
  • MRI, X-Ray, and Radiology Preparation
  • Concrete Cutting for HVAC and Other Installations


  • Hotel, Resort, and Restaurant Construction
  • Pool and Spa Concrete Cutting
  • Decorative Concrete Cutting and Engraving


  • Runway and Taxiway Construction/Removal
  • Hangar and Maintenance Facilities
  • Control Tower and Terminal Construction/Renovation
  • Joint Sealing


  • School, College, and University Construction, Renovation, and Removal
  • Concrete Cutting for Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC Installation
  • Accessibility Improvements and Renovations


  • Power Plant Maintenance/Demolition
  • Cooling Tower and Containment Structure Cutting
  • Concrete Cutting for Cable and Pipeline Installation

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Our team’s dedication to safety, reliability, and efficiency ensures your projects stay on track, meeting the highest standards of quality.

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