Full-Service Concrete Cutting Company

Whether slab sawing, core drilling, hand, wall or wire sawing, ABC Cutting’s expert team delivers accurate and efficient results. Our state-of-the-art equipment guarantees on-time, precise work across various project types, including utility installations, controlled demolition, grooving, and surface preparation with scarifying and grinding.

ABC staff have over 700 years of combined experience that supports every project. Our field staff has an average of 15 years of tenure with ABC Cutting. Our solutions are safety-first, cost-effective, and time-efficient.

A saw over concrete


Landing Perfection

One of the state’s airports needed to remove concrete from the taxiway and runway.
The need for industry-leading expertise and safety brought the airport to partner with ABC Cutting to complete the project.

ABC’s team was involved from start to finish. ABC professionals demo sawed existing concrete panels, sawed green control joints, widened and sealed those joints and drilled new holes for can lights.

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Free Calendar

Track projects and plan ahead with our complimentary wall calendar. Real work should have a real calendar to complement fragile digital tools. Organize your project’s progress at a glance.

Safety Is Standard

Safety first, no corners cut. Our worksites have a documented safety record and are safe, healthy, and compliant. We have two internal OSHA 502 trainers, and everybody in the field has at least OSHA 10 training cards, with many achieving OSHA 30 certifications.

Our Safety Director and Safety Committee evaluate, review, and implement safety rules and regulations with proactive, corrective measures. Make it safe, first.

ABC Cutting Safety

The Perfect Cut

Concrete is complicated. Our blog shares the latest information and innovations in the concrete-cutting world and what it means to your project and job site. We’ll be the experts, so you don’t have to be.